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Apple Leaps Forward at MacWorld Expo

Apple stock is up after CEO Steve Jobs' keynote address at Macworld, the semi-annual Mac industry convention, held in Boston, Mass., last week.

In its quest to stay abreast of the newest technology happenings, Freepath endured the 1-1/2 hour webcast of MacWorld keynote speaker and Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently. Despite the strange, broken-up music introduction that sounded piped in from a distant planet, and Jobs' insistence on peppering his speeches with your favorite 80's surf words like "awesome", "killer" and the ubiquitous "amazing" in his overly-enthusiastic cadence, there were several new things coming out of the forever-beleaguered Apple that were, in short, quite grand.

First grand new thing is OS X. What is OS X? It is the latest Macintosh operating system, the tenth incarnation, the much-talked-about OS that no one expected would be ready yet. But there it was, the revolutionary Mac OS based for the first time on the open Unix platform.

Second new grand thing: a new line of G4s boasting up to 733mHZ of processing power, taking down even the 1.5gHZ Pentium 4 in an on-stage comparison. The machines will debut under the ad slogan, "Power to Burn." Sweet.

Third new grand thing: Apple developers have come up with what they are calling the Superdrive, a readable and writeable combination CD-ROM and DVD drive that wil come pre-installed in the new G4s, which will cost about $1500 less than just the drive alone costs on the open market today. Wow!

Fourth: a 1"-thick Apple powerbook. With a 15.2" screen. Featuring that same Superdrive, so you can multimedia yourself silly on that cross-country flight. It's made of titanium and is light as heck.

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